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The clip you are about to see is one of our emotional climate training drills, it is not a fight! There are rules.

This first clip is just a move and hit drill, no locks or throws allowed, if it goes to the ground get back on your feet and carry on until you are told to stop.

This second drill is just a lock and throw, flow drill, it is not choreographed, the student just responds with a lock or a throw depending on how he is grabbed or approached, the rule is no striking on this drill, it is a controlled sensitivity flow drill.

This last clip is a set pattern with a strike and throw.

The student in the clips is 16 years old and NOT A BLACK BELT, we don’t allow spectators at the club, but we do occasional record our classes for training purposes, so this is a short window into some of our more sedate sessions.

The student in these clips is now 23 so you can see this is not a resent video, as an instructor I think it is important to show your students what they can do and not what you can do.