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There be “Dragons”

This is how “THEY” survive

“THEY” paint the world full of shadow,

and then tell their children to stay close to the light,

“THEIR” light, “THEIR” reasons, “THEIR” judgments.

Because in the darkness

There be “DRAGONS”

But it isn’t true!

We can prove that it isn’t true

In the darkness there is discovery

There are possibility's and freedom

In the darkness you can learn to truly see

Don’t be scared of what the darkness hides, face your fears

When you walk towards the shadows they move away

If you turn your back on them they will always follow you


Do you want to be a “DRAGON” or scared of the shadows?

I have a question. Why is it that our sons and daughters in the armed forces are (highly trained) and then sent over seas to be used as a peace keeping force on foreign soil?. Our police, on the other hand have suffered budget cuts and are relatively (poorly trained) by comparison to deal with our own domestic situations.

The media highlights situations and provides vivid examples of our ambulance and fire (services) being attacked while trying to carry out their duty, they are being attacked by the people that they are trying to help. Our A&E departments staff suffer violent incidence every week end.

CCTV has replaced the community police officer in urban areas. CCTV is not a deterrent to modern day criminals, it just confirms that an incident is, or has happened.

The police are equipped with a stab vest, pepper spray, a baton and cuffs and a basic training in un armed defence tactics and first aid.

They walk the same streets that we do!.

We as citizens have to rely on our wits.

Don’t be paranoid.

Don’t be afraid of the shadows.

We want to HELP you.

When you get in your car, you put on your seatbelt as a precaution, you don’t drive off looking for an accident do you?.

Think of a basic self defence course in our PRACTICAL JUJUTSU as a precaution as you navigate your way through today’s society.

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